Sometimes doing less is more

Being a nutritionist and acupuncturist I talk a lot about health and wellness. From patients to friends and family I spend most of my time talking about recipes, workout regimens, and lifestyle tips. Honestly, I love it. I really enjoy helping the people around me to be happier and healthier. Most of the time they enjoy my advice. They love the recipes and environmentally friendly and time-saving tips.  However, when I start talking about doing less in terms of physical activity and body acceptance, that's when I lose them.

Just me practicing doing less in my back yard. Trust me its the most enjoyable practice I have

Just me practicing doing less in my back yard. Trust me its the most enjoyable practice I have

Believe it or not, you can actually do less and be healthier. I know it's hard to believe since we live in a culture where we are bombarded by high-intensity workout trends that promise to give us hard sculpted bodies. But what we are missing is that hard sculpted bodies aren't always healthy, and no amount of working out can make up for a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

I hear the same thing every day (with a few changes depending on the person of course) "I work full time, I have three kids, I wake up at 4 am to go to the gym 6 days a week and I eat healthy. But I'm exhausted and can't lose weight". Well, let me tell you that superman couldn't keep up that pace. It is no wonder your body is hitting a wall. 

A healthy diet does not mean restriction. It means whole organic foods that nourish you. A healthy lifestyle doesn't mean hot yoga or CrossFit every day. It means finding mental clarity and self-acceptance while taking care of yourself.  When you add those two things to your life you will tap into an infinite well of energy and find that you love yourself, even your body, just the way you are. Your weight will not matter because you will be able to accomplish everything you want and the concept of weight will not even hold space in your mind. 

So stop killing yourself with all these rules and restrictions and do less so you can find more. Take a nice long walk and watch the sunrise at 4 am instead of sweating until you pass out. Eat a real lunch instead of your perfectly measured out protein shake that you choke down every day. Remember abs don't last forever, but happiness does. 


Just a little comic relief about doing less. Laughter is of course the best medicine. 

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