Stop Fearing Pain and Embrace It

This past week I threw my neck out pretty damn good. I could barely hold my head in the upright position. It hurt to turn my neck side to side, and it restricted all my activities. I had to cancel plans for rock climbing and beach yoga, and take it easy on my housework (not that I'd ever complain about missing chores). I had to ask for help to get through it from my chiropractor, and mostly I had to just take some time and breath. But in 4 days I was better. Maybe I slipped a disc, maybe I had some muscle spasms, I don't know. But I do know that because I didn't let the fear of being in pain take over my mind, I was able to accept it and let it go.  

Why is it that we see pain as such a bad thing. Yes of course no one wants to be in pain, but without it, how could our bodies tell us that something is wrong. We push ourselves through pain without taking a second to think, maybe I should take a step back and listen to what my body is telling me. Not all pain is physical, in fact most of the time it is not. One-hundred people could all have the exact same injury, and everyone of them will feel it differently. Our body is amazing and it will heal itself incredibly quickly if we just allow it to. But emotional baggage blocks that healing process. Without a sound mind, we will never have a healthy body.

So what was my body telling me? Well I think I was just processing. I lost my uncle a few weeks ago, and I had a very interesting dream involving some of the demons from my past. The dream wasn't scary, it was actually inspiring. It felt freeing, like I was ready to let go of all my crap. But when I woke up, in my conscious life, I didn't know how to live without my baggage. I didn't know what to do. So my body seized up, it actually made me stop moving so I could truly process what had happened. 

Instead of being mad at my body for failing me, I thanked it for the opportunity to slow down and look inside. And you know what, I had a great couple of days. So what is your body telling you?  What are you refusing to acknowledge? I know it can be scary, but if you just listened, or took a peak inside your mind you, would find it. And if you can let it go, your pain will follow right behind.  

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