What Blood Tests Cant See


As an acupuncturist people always talk to me about the things their primary care physician can't figure out. In and out of the office I am asked questions about why they can't sleep, why they are always tired, why are they bloated, or why they constantly injure themselves. And it's always the same story. They have been to multiple doctors, over and over again. They have had every blood test, scan and MRI on the face of the planet but nothing significant ever shows up. And it always comes and goes with no good reason.


This pattern breaks my heart more than any other that I see from day to day. To hurt and have no relief, or even an answer as to why is terribly draining. If you are one of these people, know that I feel for you, because I was you. Until I realized that western medical tests can't see emotional unrest.


I know that statement can sound a little scary “emotional unrest”. I am sure you are painting a picture of crazy people running around the psych ward, but take it down a notch. Emotional unrest can mean anything from being overstressed, losing a loved one or even never getting over the trauma from a car accident. When these things happen in our lives our mind, or our “shen” as it is called in Chinese medicine, is injured. We “just don't feel like ourselves” for a while. However, as a culture we are so detached from our emotions and our mind that we think it's no big deal and move on. We push whatever unresolved emotions we have into the corner of our psyche until we think they are gone.


But they are still there. They sit locked away in this tiny room we make for them. Always pushing against the door to get out. These emotions and experiences get stronger and stronger so it takes more energy for us to keep them locked away. Energy that we should be using to be healthy and happy. So what happens? You become chronically fatigued, develop IBS, get diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, become an insomniac, have chronic pain, or any other unexplainable medical event happens.  


Every experience is a big deal, and just because we are not physically hurt does not mean we have nothing to recover from. We need to stop thinking that our physical body is a separate entity from our mind. Whatever it is that comes to you in the night when you can't sleep, whatever that thing is you just don't talk about, or when you do talk about it you tense up and say “I'm fine, I’m over it” that's what is causing your suffering.

Take that experience and let it out. It may hurt, you may cry, you may get angry, and things may get worse before they get better but that’s okay. It’s actually good because you are feeling. We love to numb ourselves. Not just with drugs and alcohol but by ignoring our emotions. It takes courage to face what we have locked away, but doing so is true healing. Stop seeing your pain and suffering as physical, start looking deeper, and you will find the real answer.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga, Cook Islands





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