I don't feel particularly awesome or terrible. There is not an amazing creative or healing breakthrough going on. In the past when these days would come, when I didn't feel overwhelmingly inspired I would beat myself up. I would say "Why am I so lazy today?" or "What is wrong with me, why am I depressed?". I mean all those people on social media always have something really deep and dimension altering to say or show me. How come I can't do that every day?

But I realized it would be exhausting to have a spiritually enlightened breakthrough daily. How can I absorb what I have become, and find my footing if I am constantly changing. I am not divine, I don't see the universe in perfect clarity at all times, and therefore I can not enlighten myself and those around me at the drop of the hat. That doesn't make me depressed or lazy, it just makes me human.

Photo Credit: Kim Ciser

Photo Credit: Kim Ciser

Being able to find contentment when things are neutral is hard. But when we learn to live in the moment and stop thinking about what we should be doing, we find bliss. I have figured out that when I stop trying to force creativity or healing and allow myself to blossom at my own pace I become more profound and clear. Some days just being is enough.

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